Beautiful nature, a place for repose and…action!

The dream feature of La Grange du Suc is its location – an exquisite spot for relaxing and inspiring holidays.

It is a small piece of paradise, a little more than 1 hectare of private domain, bordered by a little brook and small river. Enriched by a swimming pool, a hot tub and lots of privacy.

The area welcomes sport people of all types. Whether you enjoy a simple walk  or adventurous canoeing trips, the Lot is ready for you.


Walks, every day of the year

Go for the most beautiful walks in the immediate neighbourhood, or take your car... Within thirty minutes, you will be at the most diverse places of nature. .On the 'Causses' you will walk between low walls of stacked stones. Enjoy a refreshing hike in the forest of Segala. Wander among the splendid hills in the Quercy Blanc.
At the tourist information site of the Lot department you can select your walk and download all information and GPS-coordinates

Our top picks:
The walk starting at La Grange du Suc 'Circuit des points de vue'
At 30 minutes driving from the barn 'Circuit ENS la bouclé du moulin du Saut'

A place for repose, but also sport and fun

Sweet rest...there are plenty of quiet spots on the domain, seducing you to unwind, relax, read a book, simply 'Carpe diem'...
Or organise exciting Olympic games for your family, friends or colleagues on the terrain of La Grange du Suc. There is swimming pool, badminton, petanque, ping pong... Room enough for your imagination!
Even more adventurous? No problem!
In the region, you will find great opportunities for biking, canoeing, horse riding, rock Climbing and more.

Peacefull nature 1

Perhaps you would like to visit our friendly neighbours and become acquainted with their way of life. Or admire their animals, as Totoche, the 'pet' pig of monsieur Benne.
Visit villages as Cardaillac, where old crafts still are honoured.
Our top pick:
Go and see the beautiful Angora-goats, producing great mohair wool, at the ferme de siran in Loubressac. Combine this with a nice walk from Autoir to Loubressac…