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La Grange du Suc is located in the Lot. Département 46 in France. About 25 km  (approx. 16m) from Figeac, 80 km (approx.49m) from wine centre Cahors.
La Grange du Suc is about 2 km (approx. 1,5 m) from the nearest village centre where you can find a bakery and a restaurant. At 10 km (approx. 6 m) and 15 km (approx.10m), there are two larger villages (La Capelle Marival et Saint Céré).

The Lot is a part of the  Midi-Pyrennées region. 

This excellent site provides a wealth of information on the towns, markets and activities in the area.

A list of what we love….



Idyllic villages

Visit Rocamadour and Saint Cirq Lapopie as they are tourist 'must-sees', in addition to Figeac and Cahors as our absolute 'picks'. Be certain to experience the exquisite charm of the many small vilages.

Our favourites:
Figeac, be certain to use 'les clés de Figeac (the keys of Figeac) for your walks.

Saint-Cére; its enjoyable Sunday morning market and its splendid exhibition on Jean Lurcat in the Castle of Saint-Céré.

Visiting Caves​

Several (caves) grottes can be visited in the area, each with particular point of interest.
At the Grotte du Pech Merle, more than 70 prehistoric paintings of animals and people can be admired on the walls.
However, our top pick is the enchanting Gouffre de Padirac. The children will love the subterranean boat trip.


Throughout the year, but particularly in summer, this region abounds with te best of festivals. The Jazz-festival in Souillac, the Blues-festival in Cahors, the Opera-festival in Saint-Céré, folk music, pop.... there's surely something to everybody's taste!
Check the event agenda: 'agenda des manifestations'

Castles and abbeys

The Lot department cherishes a rich and proud patrimony.
There are plenty of tourist routes along a wealth of sights to enjoy. Nearby, just follow the :
'circuit du Segala'

Our top picks :
A circuit by car along the the valleys of the Lot and Célé. The Chateau de Cenevières is a true revelation. part of this circuit already is a Delight.

The chateau de Montal , is an elegant Renaissance castle. Splendid in its own right, calling upon a guide makes it into an even more fascinating visit. For a truly princely experience, you will find a golf terrain near the castle, as well as a Michelin one star restaurant

The chateau de Saint Céré, with the interesting musée Jean Lurçat

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Tourist Information 5